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Whether you’re looking for a three-day getaway or a mini staycation, our ultimate guide to Paso Robles covers all your bases. 

Our agents are longtime residents of Paso Robles and have provided their favorite spots for this ultimate guide.

The History of Paso Robles

Before Paso Robles was known for its wineries, this region rose to prominence for its thermal hot springs and many almond orchards. At one point in history, it was known as the “Almond City” before it claimed its new title. 

It wasn’t until the late 1800s that this area saw its first commercial wineries open. Today, Paso Robles is home to over 200 wineries, and this once small town continues to gain popularity as a wine tasting destination. 

The wines from this region are distinct and complex mainly due to the coastal breeze blowing through the “Templeton Gap” in the Santa Lucia Mountain Range. This coastal influence causes a wide range of temperatures for the grapes’ growing conditions. 

This area is brimming with natural beauty, so if wine isn’t your thing, there’s still plenty to explore and experience! 

We’re breaking it down in our ultimate guide to Paso Robles.

Allegretto Vineyard Resort - Sunset overlooking the vineyard and pool.

Where to Stay in Paso Robles

Where to Eat in Paso Robles

Where to Drink in Paso Robles

Paso Robles Wineries - Brecon Estate

What To Do in Paso Robles

If you’re looking for activities that don’t involve drinking, the following suggestions are for you. 

We hope to see you soon!

We might be biased, but our ultimate guide to Paso Robles isn’t complete without including a visit to Team Attune! Our office is located at 513 13th St, just a quick walk from downtown Paso Robles. 

So are you planning an escape to wine country yet? The Central Coast is certainly the place to be this summer!

After almost 20 years of door-knocking, Lauri Strain isn’t surprised by much. That all changed when she knocked on one woman’s door. The events that followed were the most pleasant surprises imaginable!

The History

It all started one day with Lauri door-knocking in a neighborhood. A sweet woman answered the door, and although she wasn’t interested in selling, her daughter and son-in-law might be.

So Lauri reached out to the couple, and they weren’t ready to sell. Then the son called back, “Wait! My mother might be ready to sell.” And as it turns out, she was.

So Team Attune prepared to sell this charming home on historic Park St., a hidden gem in the heart of downtown Paso Robles, just minutes away from local restaurants, shops, the fairgrounds, and the new Paso Market Walk.

With its incredible location and unique original features, like redwood siding, this home was one of a kind! It just needed a little love to bring it back to life.

The Challenge

That’s when surprise number two happened! The home desperately needed proper staging and, on short notice – introducing Summer Strain, Lauri’s daughter, and Attune’s new home design specialist.

In just one day, Summer instantly transformed the space and let the home’s inherent charm shine through.

After the staging, inspections, professional photography, and marketing plans, Team Attune was ready to sell Park St.

The Success

After a fantastic team effort and multiple offers, Park St sold in just six days and over asking.

It was such a joy to work with the seller, her family, Lauri’s daughter, and everyone else who helped close this deal.

If we’ve learned anything, it’s that you never know which door will lead to the right deal!

About Attune Real Estate

Founded by Lauri Strain in 2020, Attune RE is a boutique real estate firm serving San Luis Obispo County. 

Peace, community, and being “attuned” to others are at the core of Attune’s mission. Attune Real Estate offers more than transactional real estate services. We are committed to providing knowledge, care, and awareness to your real estate journey through access to value-packed content, industry experts, and concierge-level amenities.

Today, Lauri’s talented team of agents continues to grow, enabling them to help even more families along the central coast.

Sometimes the best leads require years of nurturing. That was certainly the case with this off-market deal in Atascadero!

The History

After five years of Lauri Strain checking in, the owners finally reached out and asked for her expertise to price their home. 

Even though they were interested in selling, they weren’t ready for the pressures of putting their home on the open market. 

An off-market sale was no problem for Strain, and she was up for the challenge!

The Challenge

Sometimes things don’t always work out on the first try, but the outcome could be better than imagined. 

After the owners agreed to sell, Strain immediately went to work sharing the property with her network of buyers. And one of them even wrote an all-cash offer, sight-unseen! 

Unfortunately, that buyer pulled out of escrow, but luckily, another Team Attune member stepped up to the plate.

The Success

As soon as the property became available again, Stella Dudley quickly submitted an offer on behalf of her buyer. 

Even better? The second offer was higher than the first! 

The sellers and buyers are thrilled with the results of this off-market sale. Meanwhile, Strain and Dudley are celebrating their first team Attune deal! 

Our agents are thankful to be a part of a supportive team environment. They will always work together to get the deal done for their clients.

About Attune Real Estate

Founded by Lauri Strain in 2020, Attune RE is a boutique real estate firm serving San Luis Obispo County. 

Peace, community, and being “attuned” to others are at the core of Attune’s mission. Attune Real Estate offers more than transactional real estate services. We are committed to providing knowledge, care, and awareness to your real estate journey through access to value-packed content, industry experts, and concierge-level amenities.

Today, Lauri’s talented team of agents continues to grow, enabling them to help even more families along the central coast.

Considering selling your home soon? You may be asking yourself — do I need to stage it? 

The answer is YES! Not only can staging your home lead to an increased sale price, but it can also reduce your time on the market. 

Why Realtors Recommend Staging Your Home

According to a 2021 Association of Realtors report, “Twenty-three percent of sellers’ agents indicated that staging helped increase offer amounts by up to five percent. Eighteen percent of agents said that staging increased offers by six to ten percent, and six percent of agents saw offers increase to 11 to 15 percent.”

Based on the data, it’s clear that if your goals are to sell quickly and for top dollar, you need to consider staging your home or at least parts of your home before it hits the open market. 

Before we get ahead of ourselves, there are two more things you need to consider — the cost and time required. 

The cost of professional staging can vary from home to home. If you choose that route, we highly recommend asking your realtor for their recommendation as soon as possible. They can put you in contact with their preferred interior designer or make suggestions on which areas of your home you should focus on. 

If you’re facing budget and time constraints, refer to the suggestions below and ask your realtor for guidance on the main priority areas to stage.

Before we dive into our 30 DIY ways to stage every room of your home, we need to cover the three Ds. 

The Three Ds of Selling Real Estate

As you prepare your home to sell, try to apply the three Ds in every room.

Even if you only take these three steps, it will still make a noticeable difference to potential buyers that consider your home. 

Now that the basics are covered, here are 30 DIY ways to stage every part of your home. 

How to Maximize Your Curb Appeal

Your curb appeal does make a difference! In real estate, first impressions matter, and chances are a buyer will make up their mind before they even walk through the front door. Here are some easy ideas to make the front of your home stand out.

  1. Give your front door a fresh coat of paint, maybe in a fun pop of color to attract the eye.
  2. Pay attention to your landscaping, take care of your lawn, trim overgrown plants, etc. 
  3. Make your entryway welcoming with seasonal potted plants by the front door. 
  4. Remove all clutter, for example a garden hose or a shoe rack.
  5. Add a fun, door mat, ideally one that isn’t too personal.
Notice the attention to landscaping and the blue front door that matches the shutters.

Brighten Your Entryway & Living Space

In addition to the three Ds, take this opportunity to brighten your space! You want your home to feel like a breath of fresh air. Here are some ways you can accomplish this: 

  1. If time permits, give your walls a fresh coat of paint in a neutral color such as white or a pale, light grey. 
  2. Add a vase of fresh flowers and a few houseplants to bring life into your space. 
  3. If your walls look bare without personal photos, consider adding an elegant mirror or a neutral piece of artwork.
  4. If needed, update your throw pillows to soften the space. Rather than buying bold prints, stick to modern, contemporary designs. 
  5. Decorate in items of three and varying heights. Studies have shown that this combination is more pleasing to the eye! 
  6. If you have dark drapes, consider replacing them with lighter ones. This simple switch can instantly make a room feel brighter. 
  7. Reorganize or remove furniture. The goal is to make your home feel open and airy. 
  8. Lastly, use a light scent diffuser or air freshener. Give your home a pleasing signature scent. 
Living room
Notice the varying heights of the decor on the coffee table, the flowing drapes, the houseplants, neutral artwork, and updated throw pillows.

Make Your Kitchen Stand Out

The kitchen and primary bath are the two rooms that potential buyers judge the most. Considering that, this is an opportunity to make your kitchen shine! 

  1. Use a decorative bowl of green apples or lemons to bring a pop of natural color.
  2. Consider an arrangement of fresh flowers or potted herbs on the counter.
  3. Organize your cupboards and pantry! Trust us, Buyers will open your cabinets and take a peek. If the cabinets and pantry are overstuffed, it tells buyers that your home does not have enough storage. 
  4. Remove any items attached to the outside of your fridge, and give everything a good polish. 
Notice the flower arrangement, empty fridge, zero clutter, and reduced items in the open-shelving sections.

Transform Your Primary Bedroom

This is the other room that buyers tend to pay the most attention to!  

  1. Make your bedroom mimic a luxury hotel room by using white linens and white drapes. Avoid linens with dark colors that could make the room feel cramped or dingy.
  2. Add pops of color through tasteful throw pillows, blankets, or a rug.
  3. Remove about 20% of clothes from your closet. Remember, overstuffed areas will make buyers concerned about a lack of storage space.
  4. To take it to the next step in home organization, use matching hangers for all your items and organize your clothes by color. 
  5. Hide cords, personal items, and other objects that make the room feel cluttered.
Notice the white linens and blue throw pillows that add a pop of color to the space.

Update Your Ensuite & Bathrooms

In all the bathrooms, the goal is to increase the perceived idea of luxury within your space. 

  1. Utilize white linens (towels, hand towels, and shower curtains) to upgrade your space. 
  2. Employ a scent diffuser and reduce personal clutter in your bathroom storage. Remember to organize it!
  3. If possible, add a vase of flowers and some peaceful art to uplift the space further.
The use of white linens and a live plant instantly brighten this outdated bathroom.

Other Spaces

If you have a tight budget and little time, we recommend focusing on the spaces above. However, if you want to stage your entire home, remember the three Ds. Additionally, aim to define each room. 

For example, you might wonder how to style an empty room on a low budget. Two ideas are to set it up as a home office or a workout room.

Always Ask Your Realtor

We understand that selling your home is an overwhelming process. And although staging requires a little extra effort, we’ve seen with our own eyes how even the simplest of staging tricks can help sell a home.

When it comes time to sell your home, use these 30 DIY ways to stage as a guide and ask your local realtor for their input.

And, if you’re selling in the central California area, our agents at Team Attune are happy to offer a free consult. Which staging tip was your favorite?

Today, Team Attune is sharing our top 10 date ideas for couples in SLO County.

Part of Attune’s mission is to celebrate our local community and share valuable resources in SLO County. We love promoting our little slice of paradise on California’s central coast, and it’s even better when enjoyed with loved ones!

Whether you love the outdoors, downtown hangs, or relaxing day trips, SLO County has something for every couple.

1. Choose a good playlist and take a scenic drive along HWY 1.

Ramazzotti says, “My husband and I love to hike, camp, and backpack. And one of our favorite things about SLO County is the proximity to beautiful nature retreats.

Recently, we took a scenic drive along Hwy 1 to Big Sur and pitched our rooftop tent at the Top of the World campsite. We brought our cooktop stove, made tacos, opened a bottle of local wine, and watched the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. Talk about the ultimate Valentine’s date.”

SLO County Date Idea #1
SLO County Date Idea #1

2. Explore wine country in a whole new way on electric bikes.

Strain says, “My husband and I love getting outside, whether it’s biking, hiking, kayaking, or walks on the beach. One of our favorite finds has been our electric bikes. We like them so much that we even purchased some for ourselves!

Now, we often treat ourselves to a date day of e-biking, wine tasting, and quality time together.”

SLO County Date Idea #2

3. Escape with a romantic day trip to the coast in Cambria.

Dudley says, “One of mine and my fiance’s favorite places to go is Cambria. We love walking the boardwalk, stopping at cute shops and restaurants, and admiring the gorgeous beach views.

The last time we were in Cambria, Sam proposed! I had no clue he was planning to pop the question, and now it’s definitely my favorite place in SLO County.”

SLO County Date Idea #3

4. Rock out at Avila Beach Golf Resort’s concert series!

“My ultimate date night is going to a concert with my husband! We both love listening to live music.” – Ramazzotti.

Each year from May to October, Avila Beach hosts a concert series. You can check out the upcoming events here

SLO County Date Idea #4
SLO County Date Idea #4

5. Take your game night to the next level at Old SLO BBQ.

Searing remembers, “I met my husband during our first year at UC Santa Barbara. We celebrated our third anniversary by taking a weekend trip to SLO County.

One day we stumbled upon OLD SLO BBQ after our morning hike. We ended up spending the entire day there eating BBQ, trying new beers from the self-serve tap wall, and playing Settlers of Catan over and over. It was the best day!”

SLO County Date Idea #5

6. Join a wine membership for unlimited date nights!

When you live in wine country, date nights at some of our incredible local wineries are a MUST! 

It gets even better when you become a member. Most wineries offer complimentary tastings with your membership. 

Below are some of our favorite wineries: 

SLO County Date Idea #6

7. Get your sweat on with one of SLO County’s beautiful hiking trails. 

There’s no doubt that SLO County is home to some of the most unique and stunning hikes in the state of California.

Strain says, “We love to hike Madonna, Bishop’s Peak, and Three Bridges in Atascadero.”

Ramazzotti recommends, “Reservoir Ridge in the springtime is absolutely beautiful. Look at all that green! Afterward, we like to reward ourselves with a casual dinner out at Woodstock’s.”

SLO County Date Idea #7

8. Take a trip back in time and visit Sunset Drive-in Theater. 

Did you know that the Sunset Drive-in in SLO is one of the last remaining drive-ins in California?

With its retro vibes and affordable prices, the Sunset Drive-in is a memorable date night for any budget. Pack some blankets to cuddle with and get there early to grab a good viewing spot.

SLO County Date Idea #8

9. Celebrate a special occasion with a sunset dinner in Pismo Beach. 

Ramazzotti and her husband love dining at Oyster Loft for a romantic dinner. Try to reserve a spot on their patio for breathtaking sunset views over the Pismo Beach boardwalk.

With 4.5 stars on Yelp and over 1,000 reviews, Oyster Loft is a sure bet if you want to impress your date!

If you want to extend your day, start earlier with a casual stroll around Pirate’s Cove, just 12 minutes away in Avila Beach.

SLO County Date Idea #9
SLO County Date Idea #9

10. Enter our Valentine’s Day giveaway and dine at a local favorite, McPhee’s.

In honor of Valentine’s Day coming up, we are hosting a giveaway at one of Lauri Strain’s favorite restaurants in Templeton. Details to enter are on our Instagram.

SLO County Date Idea #10

Which date idea is your favorite? Leave us a comment below!

There are three things that every real estate agent needs to be successful – patience, persistence, and friendships.

After six years of contact, Lauri Strain is proud to share the details about this impressive, off-market sale in Paso Robles.

The History

In the life of a real estate agent, business relationships often transform into lifelong friendships. That’s one of the many reasons why Strain loves selling real estate.

When asked about this deal, Strain reflected, “I first contacted the original owner in 2016. After many conversations together, we became friends, and I was deeply saddened to learn of his passing in 2017.”

After the owner’s death, Lauri reached out to his brother, Paul, who inherited the property. She knew he would need help during this difficult time. Understandably, the decision to sell his late brother’s home weighed heavy on him. There was also the additional challenge of him living out of state.

Finally, in October of 2021, Paul called Lauri, ready to move forward with the sale.

The Challenge

The new owner had one requirement before selling. Strain could not list his property on the open market.

She rose to the challenge and quickly found a first-round buyer that offered over asking. However, after the property inspections, that buyer got cold feet and backed out.

Once again, Paul hesitated to move forward with the sale, but Lauri asked for one more chance to find the perfect buyer.

The Success

One of the benefits of being a Side partner is the incredible network of agents.

Through this community, Strain became friends with another Side partner, Susan. She had been looking for an investment opportunity in Paso Robles for quite some time.

After showing her the property, there was no doubt. This duplex was the investment opportunity Susan had been searching for.

Now Lauri is celebrating with a satisfied seller and a happy buyer! You can read Susan’s glowing testimonial here.

Soon enough, Susan will transform this duplex into a stunning vacation home with gorgeous eastward views of Paso Robles.

After six years, three friendships, and two buyers, Lauri and her team are proud to announce the off-market sale of 34 Hillcrest Dr, Paso Robles for $509,000.

Are you interested in selling your home off-market? Contact Attune Real Estate today to learn how we can sell your home quickly.

Just Sold, Off-Market Duplex, 34 Hillcrest Dr, Paso Robles, CA

About Attune Real Estate

Founded by Lauri Strain in 2020, Attune RE is a boutique real estate firm serving San Luis Obispo County.

Peace, community, and being “attuned” with others are at the core of Attune’s mission. Attune Real Estate offers more than transactional real estate services. We are committed to providing knowledge, care, and awareness to your real estate journey through access to value-packed content, industry experts, and concierge-level amenities.

Today, Lauri’s talented team of agents continues to grow, enabling them to help even more families along the central coast.

Are you looking to buy a home this year? Now might be the last time to get in on the action before mortgage rates rise again.

According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, “The average contract interest rate for 30-year fixed-rate mortgages with conforming loan balances ($647,200 or less) increased to 3.64% from 3.52% last week.”

So how did we get here, and what steps can you take to secure your dream home?

Emily Searing from Attune RE sat down with one of Attune’s preferred vendors and industry expert Jake Strain, a loan officer at Acquire Mortgage and Real Estate in San Luis Obispo County.  

Jake, thank you for speaking with me today. How do you think the mortgage industry is shifting this year? 

Strain – Thanks for having me, Emily. 

In 2021, we witnessed a refinancing boom. Last year was a sellers’ market, and now with refinancing slowing down, it’s shifting to a buyers’ market. 

Even though rates are rising, they are still lower than rates in the pre-pandemic years. It’s still considered a good time to buy. 

That’s great to hear. Do you predict that mortgage rates will keep increasing? 

Strain – Definitely. Even though we saw recent surges these past two weeks, the current mortgage rates are starting to stabilize. Now is the time to purchase, especially before rates are expected to rise again. 

What advice would you give homebuyers when navigating this market? 

Strain – Especially in a purchase market, timing is everything. Houses are selling so quickly. 

I recommend meeting with a loan officer WELL BEFORE you begin your home search to get pre-approved. Once you submit the required information, we can give you your pre-approval letter within 30 minutes. 

That way once you find something you like, you can submit an offer immediately and not run the risk of losing your dream home. 

Should first-time homebuyers be nervous to enter this market?

Strain – Not at all. Luckily, first-time homebuyers have access to several loan programs. I would meet with a trusted loan officer as quickly as possible to get pre-qualified and discuss your options.

What are some of the biggest mistakes you see homebuyers make? 

Strain – Remember to be mindful of your credit and not make any hard inquiries. Definitely avoid expensive purchases, like a new car, right before buying a house. Stay steady, and ride this out. 

How can buyers know that they’re choosing the right loan officer?

Strain – With a major purchase decision like a home, you want a good lender that you can trust. 

Especially with how quickly homes are selling now, I would focus on the turnaround time. I’ve seen banks struggle with 30-day closings or even 60-day turnaround times. Banks are able to drag it out and charge more because so many hands touch it. 

At Acquire Mortgage and Real Estate, we’re performers. We’re on the ball each and every day to get it done for our clients in a timely manner. Our average turnaround time is 9 to 13 days from submission to close. 

Wow that’s impressive! Thank you for taking the time today. How can prospective homebuyers reach you?

Strain – Thank you! You can contact me at [email protected]. I’m looking forward to helping more buyers this year.

The Bottom Line

Buying real estate is a team sport. You’ll need an established support system in place that includes a hardworking agent and a trustworthy loan officer.

Here at Attune Real Estate, we want to be on your team! Contact us today to start your home buying process.

About Attune Real Estate

Founded by Lauri Strain in 2020, Attune RE is a boutique real estate firm serving San Luis Obispo County,

Peace, community, and being “attuned” with others are at the core of Attune’s mission. Attune Real Estate offers more than transactional real estate services. We are committed to providing knowledge, care, and awareness to your real estate journey through access to value-packed content, industry experts, and concierge-level amenities.

Today, Lauri’s talented team of agents continues to grow, enabling them to help even more families along the central coast.

Lauri Strain and Team Attune kicked off 2022 with a bang by closing two deals in Pleasanton and Pismo Beach.

As many of you know, Attune RE services all of San Luis Obispo County; so how did they end up selling a home 200 miles away in Pleasanton? Here’s the backstory behind the impressive sale.

The History

The sellers of this charming townhome in Pleasanton had been searching for their dream home on the central coast for almost two years with no luck.

For 18 months, Lauri regularly checked in with them, doorknocked in their desired neighborhoods, and showed them available listings. Finally, one home stuck.

After months of searching, Lauri helped her clients negotiate a purchase offer for the perfect home in Pismo Beach.

With their escrow opened, now there was the task of selling their townhome in Pleasanton.

The Challenge

In the seller’s words, “Lauri and her team did such a great job that we had them list our house 200 miles away…”

And Lauri was up for the challenge. With no time to spare, Lauri joined the Alameda board of realtors and listed their home.

The Success

With the help of great photos, marketing, and industry contacts, Lauri sold their home within four days on the market for $110,000 over the asking price.

Both escrows closed within one day of each other. Even though they were 100s of miles apart, Lauri and Team Attune handled both closings gracefully.

The sellers of the Pleasanton townhome will be able to move into their new beach house towards the end of January.

After 18 months of searching, many showings, and two deals, Lauri and her team are thrilled for their new friends as they celebrate finding their forever home.

About Attune Real Estate

Founded by Lauri Strain in 2020, Attune RE is a boutique real estate firm serving San Luis Obispo County,

Peace, community, and being “attuned” with others are at the core of Attune’s mission. Attune Real Estate offers more than transactional real estate services. We are committed to providing knowledge, care, and awareness to your real estate journey through access to value-packed content, industry experts, and concierge-level amenities.

Today, Lauri’s talented team of agents continues to grow, enabling them to help even more families along the central coast.

Attune Real Estate is relaunching in 2022 with daily content and a bigger team. So what better way to kick things off than by getting to know our hardworking agents that makeup Team Attune.

Lauri Strain – Founder, CRS, e-PRO

Lauri Strain

Why I Love Real Estate: I love selling real estate because it brings me pure joy in helping people find the home of their dreams.  I love challenges, and matching people to houses is really fun for me. I love helping sellers by taking as much of the stress of home selling off their shoulders. And I love the relationships I’ve built during my career and have made many lifelong friendships. 

My Favorite Thing About SLO County: My favorite part about living and working in SLO county is all the positive energy that surrounds this area. It’s such a beautiful place to live with so many fun things to do that you can’t help but be happy in SLO county.

What I’m looking forward to in 2022: I’m looking forward to establishing more friendships with clients and the growing Attune family. I am excited about helping the team grow into rockstar real estate agents.

Fun Fact About Me: Jim and I married in 1997 and moved 10 times before finally finding our forever home in 2013. I found it by door-knocking in the area I wanted to live. 

Alyssa Ramazzotti – Real Estate Professional

Alyssa Ramazzotti

Why I Love Real Estate: It is such a rewarding experience to guide people through this journey while constantly learning new things myself. I love tailoring to each of my client’s specific needs, and I also enjoy the personal and professional growth that comes along with this industry.

My Favorite Part of SLO County: I’ve lived here for 12 years now, and I cannot find one thing that I don’t like about this amazing area. I love that you can wine taste at the drop of a dime. Since I am an avid backpacker, I love the outdoor culture in this area. Most of all, I love the small-town feel that is SLO County.

What I’m Looking Forward to in 2022: Well, just about everything! In March, my fiancé and I are starting construction on our first home together in Arroyo Grande. Then in August, we are getting married on my family’s ranch, which is a dream come true! I’m looking forward to professional growth as a real estate agent as well. I can’t wait to see what this year brings!

Fun Fact About Me: I love musical theater and have always wanted to be a Broadway performer. In fact, I was even a professional jazz singer for four years in my early 20’s! I also play in a local women’s competitive tennis league every Tuesday. If you see me on the court, say hello!

Stella Dudley – Bilingual, Real Estate Professional

Stella Dudley

Why I Love Real Estate: For many people, real estate is one of the largest decisions of their lives and I love being a part of it. It’s more than helping with a sale or purchase, I make great connections and friends along the way. It’s these relationships that make me treasure my career in real estate.

My Favorite Part about SLO County: The people are so relaxed and friendly and everywhere you turn there is so much beauty.

What I’m Looking Forward to in 2022: Since I joined Team Attune, I am looking forward to growing with the team and growing my business. I can’t wait to meet new people this year!

Fun Fact About Me: I’m one of 13 kids from the same mom and dad. That’s why I love large gatherings!

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